24 Hours as an Art Enthusiast

24 Hours as an Art Enthusiast

With the opening of the new Whitney downtown, I thought it was an appropriate time to devote myself to the study of something that I have often enjoyed in passing but have never taken much time to really appreciate or understand. Subsequently, I embarked on what I hoped would be an erudite and civilized day of museums, galleries, and of course, wine.

The day was no less civilized than I had hoped, as a friend and I made our way across the Highline from the Whitney to stroll through the gallery-packed streets of Chelsea. The wine was a readily incorporated aspect of the day as I had so expected; we enjoyed plenty of rosé, both before, after and in-between galleries. The part that didn't materialize was the presumption that I would leave more well-versed in contemporary art.

The Whitney Museum of American Art, relocated from the Upper East Side to the Meatpacking District, is exhibiting America Is Hard to See until September 27. Wishing I had something that was wallpapered in Ronald Reagan.

In part of the outdoor space that is definitive of the new Whitney, Mary Heilmann’s ongoing exhibit, Sunset, makes people watching on the Highline more colorful. A few floors above there is an outdoor café so you can enjoy the panorama while drinking, as every art enthusiast should.

Cookshop in Chelsea is the perfect place to stop for a light lunch to accompany your wine between galleries.

David Zwirner Gallery is currently showing the multi-piece exhibit by Yayoi Kusama, Give Me Love, complete with a DIY polka-dot fun house.

This miniature house started completely white and has been dotted by gallery-goers since it opened on May 9. Visitors are welcome to participate through June 13. Interactive art is the best art. 


I decided that in order to spend the day as an art enthusiast, I needed to dress the part. Who says stripes and polka dots don’t go?

David Zwirner was also exhibiting the work of Lisa Yuskavage, whose Dude of Sorrows stood out to me. This Dude looked exactly like me the morning after a long night of bad decisions.

Though it somewhat reminded me of the wire sculpture I made in 5th grade art class, the display of Christopher Wool’s work at Luhring Augustine gallery was a short but sweet exhibit.

Could not pass this exhibit without peeking inside.

Nothing I haven’t seen my friends and me doing before.

We popped into Marcello Lo Giudice’s exhibit at Unix Gallery mid floor mopping. I thought the bucket accented the art quite nicely though.

What I found, however, after a full day dedicating myself to art exploration was that I no more understood it at the day’s end than I had before.That was until I read a quote by Freddie Mercury, who said, “Modern paintings are like women, you'll never enjoy them if you try to understand them.” 

Suddenly it all made perfect sense. I know that people who try to understand me usually just give up in frustration (except, of course, those that I pay by the hour). So at the end of the day, surrounded by gallery pamphlets, I gave up trying to understand all that I had seen and realized that being an art enthusiast was quite fun, especially when it involves friends, long lunches and rosé, and perhaps that was the point.

I encourage any art enthusiast to take a peek at these exhibits while they are running. And, while it will most definitely be a part, and not full, time enthusiasm going forward, I will never hesitate to enjoy art, food and wine again in the future. 

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