At Home in NYC with Greycork

At Home in NYC with Greycork

A happy New York apartment is an organized apartment. Because my apartment has a combined living room, dining room and kitchen, that means I have to get creative with my organization. 

I was searching for the perfect storage unit for the wall between my kitchen area and living area. I wanted one that was simple, had clean lines and was above all, functional. That’s when I found Greycork

Greycork is a furniture company based out of my home state of Rhode Island. Started by a native Rhode Islander and designed by a Rhode Island School of Design graduate, Greycork aims to provide beautiful furniture that creates a sense of home and inspire a sense of place even in the most compact of spaces. They make furniture that is simple with an emphasis on quality. Something that in the world of endless options, it critical.

The Felix Shelf is no exception. It comes in two varieties of height, with five or three shelves. The great thing about Greycork is that it is so simple to put together. Even me, who struggles to put together IKEA furniture, could do it completely on my own. I did not need to use any tools and I was even able to customize the unit from the five shelves provided to four shelves to fit the scale of my wall perfectly. 

I styled the shelf to transform a boring white wall that was a waste of space so that it was both functional and visually interesting. The best way to keep a shelving unit visually interesting is to combine varying elements - art, books, candles, and even kitchen accessories. 

I used one of the shelves as a place for my bar and coupled my liquor collection with some of my favorite books and accessories. Some of my favorite spirits include the local Brooklyn Gin, Grey Goose, and Whistle Pig Rye. 

I love good glassware and The Felix Shelf is the perfect place for my to display wine glasses with my alma mater etched into them (from Tiffanys), my favorite champagne flutes (from Simon Pearce) and candle sticks (from CB2) in addition to a clear glass encased candle. 

I also like to display my match box collection from all my favorite restaurants in New York City. My collection is not only perfect to keep my candles lit at all times but also to remind me of some great memories with friends and family while enjoying good food. Of course, I can never have too many candles. A new one I just picked up from an unlikely place in NYC is called, “City of Tomorrow” from the Museum of Arts and Design in Columbus Circle. The scent light, clean and refreshing and brightens the scent in my kitchen space especially in the aftermath of cooking dinner. 

Because the shelf sits next to the kitchen area, I utilized it to hold kitchen-related items like glass canisters of pasta (to conserve counter and cabinet space in my kitchen). I ironically accessorized with a vintage WW-II rationing poster that reads “Eat Less Bread” and of course, fresh flowers, which I always try to have somewhere in my living space. 

I also styled my shelf with things that I love to look at everyday, like photos of dear friends while still using it to store things that I don’t have another place for anywhere else in my crowded apartment, like a custom fascinator from Suzanne Couture Millinery and delicate china from Tiffanys. I keep them in the boxes to protect them and keep the scale of accessories interesting on the shelves. 

I loved adding this shelving unit to my apartment for a few reasons. The first is that the entire process, from picking the shelf online to putting it together in my space, was simple. Like most people, time in my day is something I always wish I had more of, but the setup process of the unit took me less than thirty minutes. I have never had such an easy time setting up furniture. 

The second is that because the design is simple, I can style it exactly the way I want. And most of all, the shelf is high quality and functional. It serves a purpose and helps make my hectic life and my apartment more organized. Aesthetics are important to me but when you live in a New York City apartment, you also have to be a pragmatist which is why Greycork provides the perfect furniture to keep my space organized and beautiful. 

Thanks to Greycork for partnering on this post. 



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