What Shoes Have Taught Me

What Shoes Have Taught Me

Winter feels like it's on it's way out and it's giving me a spring in my step. I'm excited to get out there and strut my stuff and I can’t help but go through all my shoes and recall some of the lessons from the sole.

My obsession with shoes started at a very young age. I loved to prance around in my mom and aunt’s shoes, strutting around the house like the diva that I was (and still am). High heels were synonymous to adulthood when I was little. And all I wanted to be was grown up. I used to fantasize about being in my 20s, living in the big city and dressing like the Barbie dolls I played with – and obviously with a shoe collection to die for.

Well, here I am, 25, living in Manhattan and navigating my way through the concrete jungle of Midtown and cobblestoned streets of SoHo, teetering all the way in my best heels. But, the reality is a far cry from the fantasies I had as a little girl. Now I wonder why I would ever rush to grow up, pay bills, work a 9-5 job and be responsible for waking up on time, going to bed at a reasonable hour and perform all the taxing responsibilities of “adulthood”. The truth is, grocery shopping for yourself is not all it’s cracked up to be. (In fact, the line at my neighborhood Whole Foods makes grocery shopping my worst nightmare.) Spending your hard earned money on beautiful clothes, decadent dinners and expensive cocktails is both rewarding and painful, because all the while you can’t help but question the enjoyment you get knowing that you should probably be putting this money into your virtually non-existent savings account or, gasp, retirement account.  And, not having someone to tell you to go to bed can lead to binge watching an entire TV season on Netflix until the wee hours of the morning which will only make the next day a struggle.

But shoes are those things that still, even now, make me feel like being an “adult” (and I use that term loosely), worth it. A good pair of shoes can change your entire outfit. You can match your shoes to your mood without compromising an outfit. Slipping out of flats and into heels can instantly make you feel taller, better and more eager to strut you stuff. By your mid-twenties, you won’t grow out of shoes. They will fit whether or not you are in “winter body” mode or have been hitting the gym with gusto. Beautiful shoes look great on and off (and I keep some of my favorites on display). They will never break your heart. They are pretty hard to lose (and thus, will never leave you; only you can leave them).

Shoes always brighten my day. Which brings me to the things I’ve learned from collecting, wearing and coveting them.

Always put your best foot forward.

Take yourself on adventures.

Get up, dress up and slay.

Walk into a room like a boss lady. 

Step out only when you are finished.

Don’t let great heights deter you.  

Who knew you could learn such valuable lessons from shoes? But then, that’s adulthood. Navigating your way through unknown sidewalks, learning new things from unexpected places, and finding things to boost your day just to get by (even if it means spending an entire pay check on a new sole mate).  

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