Zac Posen Resort 2016: Fit for a Drama Queen

Zac Posen Resort 2016: Fit for a Drama Queen

I was lucky enough to snag a seat at the Zac Posen Resort 2016 presentation at his atelier. Being a part time (well, full time but not a professional) fashion enthusiast, this was a dream come true.

On the second floor of a polished and sleek doorman building, you enter into a crisp white foyer. Upon entering the showroom I was greeted with champagne, white wine and lemon water. The clothes were hung for guests to see up close. You could even feel the luscious fabrics for which Zac is so well known. 

Zac Posen first caught my attention seasons ago because of the dramatic designs of his evening wear. It was dramatic enough for even the most dramatic of girls (like me). I was excited to see what he had in store for us.

The intimate runway was situated in the white room just beyond the small showroom. It was lined with only one row of chairs - just enough to seat the other lucky fans of Zac Posen’s work. 

The runway presentation showcased Posen’s pieces for Resort 2016 for both the Zac Posen line and the ZAC Zac Posen line. His colors and fabrics were brilliant and many of the models twirled to highlight the volume and body of the pieces. 

After the show, Zac sat down to discuss his collection and what “resort” meant to him. Posen mentioned the influence that he gets from Instagram and how his #CookingWithZac has developed his aesthetic and influenced the less formal ZAC Zac Posen collection. He monitors his own Instagram (extremely unusual for the director of a fashion house). But, he likes the feedback he gets on Instagram and he integrates it into his work. (He also “liked” my Instagram, which was all the validation I need.)

He spoke about Resort and the idea that people see it as more “commercial.” In the world of high fashion, “commercial” is a word rarely uttered as a compliment. But, Posen insists, “commercial is not a dirty word.” The fact is that Posen has many commercial ventures and outlets: he was recently appointed as the creative director of Brooks Brothers, is currently redesigning the Delta Air Line uniforms, has a RTW collection with David’s Bridal, and the growth of ZZP offers more affordable pieces.

It is refreshing to see a designer who can be at once commercial and utilitarian while still embodying the glamour of evening wear and red carpet couture. 

His most recent collection was evidence of this. With his signature focus on tailoring, Posen’s collection offers his characteristic day wear: trousers, cotton dresses, coats and even shorts. But he also gives us a billowing satin navy skirt with a high-necked top. In this piece he is integrating his use of separates into evening wear to give dramatic lines.

He paired that same high-necked satin top in a blood orange variation with satin shorts.

In the same color variation there is a blood orange gown reminiscent of the more subdued silhouettes from his SS14 collection. It is the kind of luxurious gown I love.

There is a jacquard jacket with brilliant craftsmanship, something which Posen takes great pride in. 

And even from ZZP, there is a breathtakingly glamorous gown with ostrich feathers that dust the floor - proving that you can produce iconic and dramatic pieces for the runway and the (well-dressed) masses.

His signature dramatic gowns can look amazing on even the most unexpected of drama queens and Posen said he was thrilled that Caitlyn (formerly Bruce) Jenner wore his piece in her Vanity Fair cover story.

For any part time fashion (couture or RTW) enthusiast and full time drama queen - Zac Posen is the man for you. 

PS. I came away with a great and versatile clutch from ZAC Zac Posen which can be purchased here.

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