Finding My Dream Apartment

Finding My Dream Apartment

When the sushi restaurant next door exploded on the afternoon of a blistery March day, I got frantic phone calls from friends. I had just walked out and missed the chaos by mere minutes. When I tried to go back to examine the damage, a seven alarm fire was in effect and I couldn't get anywhere near my apartment. I relocated to a bar that had the scene playing out on TV and my roommate and I watched as the flames engulfed our home. In the confusion of the media circus that would follow for hours and days to come, they misreported the address of the buildings that were on fire. Ours, they said, was one of them. 

At least I was safe, my mom reminded me. But my closet…my closet, lost to the tendrils of smoke and rabid flames that burst from our windows. We were lucky enough to have great friends and an amazing sister who opened their homes to us but the fate of our apartment was unknown. The same apartment that we had spent many hours scouring One Kings Lane for. The same apartment that we (two not-so-in shape girls), had lugged couches, chairs, TVs and ottomans up to, was close to being completely engulfed in flames.

After the flames subsided and almost two months later, we were allowed back in. It was a relief that I have never felt before. Broken glass was scattered across my floor and my walls were ashen with smoke but everything was there! Two girls, giddy with excitement that our material possessions were still intact, we could barely believe our good fortune.We were so lucky to have our home and our health. But that was not the case for so many others. Two lives lost and so many others destroyed and displaced. 

When it came time to renew my lease this month, I hesitated. My mom didn't want me to renew my lease. My sister thought I should get out as quickly as possible. So, as a long time enthusiast for real estate, I enlisted the best (and best looking broker) in the tri-state area to help me find my dream apartment.

Ryan McGuirl of Bold New York knows good real estate. My downstairs neighbor in college, his knack for finding the best real estate has always been evident. (We lived in some of the most prime off-campus real estate at Trinity College). Not only has he proven to be a great neighbor but he helped satiate my enthusiasm for New York City’s most sought after apartments.

Apartment hunting in New York in a brutal process. It’s often about who can get their check in first and apartments can be claimed by new tenants in a matter of minutes. The process isn't much different for buyers, who compete with all-cash offers and quick closes for the city’s top properties. How do you even begin to find the right property in a city filled with the world’s most sought after real estate?

I started by identifying things I wanted - good light and an even better bathroom. This SoHo 2-bedroom has a custom bathtub and attention was paid to every detail to maximize the space.

This expansive TriBeCa apartment also boasts a beautiful bathtub and great views (even on a dreary day). 

This Greenwich Village townhouse has detail dating back to the 1800s and a great garden patio. 

This NoLita gem has an expansive terrace off the open floor plan living room, kitchen and dining room and the master bedroom in one of the newly developed buildings in the area. It is the last unit in the building available for purchase. 

This eclectic loft in the heart of SoHo was designed by the same architect who designed Jay-Z's New York apartment and offers a distinct flavor with custom light fixtures throughout and great views of the bustling streets below.

This expansive loft on the edge of SoHo offers 3 bedroom suites, a home office, and a cozy den. Notables like Sienna Miller and David Bowie also choose to call this recently converted chocolate factory home. 

At the end of a long Monday, I trudged up the seemingly endless stairs to my sixth floor walkup. When I opened the door, I found my roommate (watching Shark Tank) with a bottle of wine and some guacamole from the taqueria downstairs to share. And whatever troubles the day had brought seemed to slip away as I realized this was home. It doesn't have a custom bathtub and it doesn't have a terrace overlooking David Bowie’s penthouse, but it does have a certain charm which can’t be replicated. A charm that only exists when you create it yourself. 

Not only do we live above the best nacho and burrito establishment in NYC (and The Infatuation agrees) but we have carved out a little haven amongst the clamor of a city that can, at times, offer no respite. All real estate enthusiasts know a good apartment when they see one. And thanks to Ryan, I have seen quite a few. But, to me, none are quite as good as mine. In New York, I have found, it’s not about your dream apartment. It’s about your home, the neighborhood you call yours, the asian bodega owners that wave to you when you pass by at two in the morning and the nacho man that will spot you when you've left your credit card at the bar. It’s clear my enthusiasm for real estate is a part time one. No dream apartment could make me give up my roommate and my home (right now), but real estate enthusiasts rejoice! - there are many for the taking.

For more information on real estate and the properties above, please contact Ryan McGuirl at

To help those affected by the East Village explosion and displaced residents, please visit

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