The Most Indulgent Dishes in New York City

The Most Indulgent Dishes in New York City

It’s Indulguary, that month that you should eat cake, sleep late, and take a vacation. As mentioned, Indulguary isn’t about calorie counting or feeling bad about ordering (and enjoying) dessert. So, it’s only fitting that we find, eat, and share the most decadent, indulgent, purely delicious dishes across New York City.


Warning: this list is not appropriate for any diet, it’s not vegan, gluten free or for anyone other than a food enthusiast that can relish in the best food and most extravagant dishes that NYC has to offer.


The Classic: Veal Parm and Spicy Rigatoni at Carbone

There is no better veal parm in the city and if you can find yourself at Carbone (which I highly recommend), get the veal parm and the spicy rigatoni. It's possibly the most over-instagrammed food in NYC (but for good reason). The broiled oysters and carpaccio are also pretty incredible. In fact, I’ve never had anything I didn’t like at Carbone but don’t expect to go there and get a salad.


The Hangover Helper: Chicken Sandwich and Loaded Fries (with a side of Mac and Cheese) at Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken

As far as fried chicken goes, Blue Ribbon is as good as it gets. Skip the pieces for one of their incredible sandwiches, get a side of loaded fries and indulge in the best version of hangover grease. Even not hungover, this hits the spot. The sweet potato fries and mac and cheese are also not to be missed. And if you want to be even more indulgent, Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken delivers via Caviar so you can eat this all while still in bed on a Sunday morning. (Pure bliss, trust me).


The Splurge: Fresh truffles at Il Mulino

Il Mulino has become somewhat of an institution in New York City. One might argue it’s outplayed, but go there to experience one of their fresh winter truffle specials over handmade pasta and you will be singing a different tune. The whole experience at Il Mulino, from beginning to end, is exemplified by the white-gloved waiter shaving upwards of five grams of fresh truffles over a steaming plate of pasta. Dreams do come true, if only at Il Mulino during truffle season. 


The Elevated Snack: Caviar Tater Tots at PDT

Need I say more?



The Carnivore: Wagyu Carpaccio with Uni

Raw wagyu, uni, seawood. Takashi does Korean BBQ like no other. In addition to grilling their succulent meats, try their raw varieties as well. The steak tartare is equally as good but the combination of wagyu and uni is unrivaled. 


The Rich (and trendy): Butter poached lobster at Le Turtle

If you haven’t heard of Le Turtle, now is your chance. It’s the Lower East Side’s newest on trend French restaurant with waiters in prison style jumpsuits and a French wine selection worthy of greatness. Being French, butter is not something to overlook at the new LES hotspot. First get the bread accompanied by “Le Turtle butters” – a trio of delectable flavored butters that include the incredibly indulgent escargot butter. And for even more butter, get the butter poached lobster. It melts in your mouth and most likely has enough butter to give someone a heart attack, but it is oh so divine. Get a reservation (if you can) and head straight for the buttery indulgences. 


The Heart Attack: The DB Burger at db Bistro Moderne

Head to Daniel Boulud's midtown bistro to get a taste of a burger like no other. Order rare and find succulent sirloin beef stuffed with braised short rib and foie gras with black truffles in a Parmesan bun. Boulud pays homage to the burger while also playing to his french roots. Nothing short of spectacular. Fit for a king. 

Food enthusiasts and gluttons alike, make haste to these Indulgent outposts before month's end to enjoy the culinary gifts of Indulguary. 

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