Essential Indulgences for the Every Day

Essential Indulgences for the Every Day

February is my birthday month. It should be my favorite month of the year, right? Presents and cake, what’s not to love?

But let’s face it, February is bleak. It is quite possibly the worst month of the year. It is the chasm of winter and in the Northeast that means grey – grey skies, grey snow (because it never stays white in NYC) and grey moods. The excitement of the holidays is over and that enthusiasm for winter (anticipatory snow angels and hot cocoa), has subsided. That vigor with which you approached the New Year on January First, along with your New Year’s Resolutions, has faded. And Summer, even Spring for that matter, is but a distant dream.

I have spent my entire life (25 years on February 10th), trying to fight the atrocities of February. I always try to get somewhere warm, at least for a few days. But that doesn’t change the fact that February is February is February. But with age comes wisdom and I have since learned to stop fighting February and have instead decided to change it. February is the perfect month to indulge. February is now Indulguary.

Here’s why:

It is the perfect month to indulge is food, without counting calories. Bikini season is still far enough away.

It’s the perfect month to indulge is libations. February is cold; alcohol makes you warm(er).

It is the perfect month to indulge in a vacation. President’s Day gives you a long weekend for which you have no excuse not to take advantage of in some sense.

It is the perfect month to indulge in new clothes (great sales and great new arrivals for Spring)

It is the perfect month to indulge in something each and every day. And it is easy to rationalize because it is the shortest month, if you are one of those who think indulging is damaging in any way.

To start Indulguary off – I am sharing my 10 Essential Indulgences for the Every Day. You don’t have to be in some exotic, 5-star locale to indulge. Sometimes it’s all about luxuriating in the little things.

1.       Drink Champagne for breakfast (preferably in bed) – champagne is also an essential for lunch and dinner, but it’s the best way to start your day.

2.       Cashmere everything. February is cold, cashmere is warm. Swathe yourself in cashmere at all times. Cashmere sweaters, sweatpants, robes and socks are all absolute musts for Indulguary.

3.       Wear fur. And don’t apologize that it’s not faux. (Again, February is cold so you might as well make staying warm as indulgent as possible.)

4.       Relish in the glories of your bed. Sleep with an eyemask on. Wear silk PJs. Sleep late. Jump on your bed. Never have fewer than 6 pillows on your bed. 

5.       Always have nice candles burning.

6.      Plan a trip. Even if it's not for this month, have something to look forward to. 

7.       Buy yourself presents. They don’t have to be big-ticket items. Even small gifts can brighten a grey February day.

8.       When you buy something for yourself, have them giftbox it so when you get home, you’ll have a present to open.

9.       Always have chocolate on hand.

10.     Eat Cake.

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